A Non-viral Platform for CAR-T Therapy

GF is underpinned by four novel proprietary core technologies, Quantum pBacGF, Quantum NufectGF, iCellarGF, and G-TailorGF, with specific targeting and modulating designs to develop virus-free CAR-T cell therapies. Our core technology and platforms are fully interlectual property protected for non-viral genetic engineering, cellular expansion and optimization.

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a disruptive piggyBac®- based transposon system with massive gene loading capacity (>100 Kb) which empowers the therapeutic potency, increases the use safety, and the DNA-based system is cheaper than the virus constructs used in virus-based CAR-T

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Quantum pBac®, the most powerful piggyBac system


a product for non-viral gene delivery, up to 80% transfection rate in human primary T cells

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an immune cell accelerator facilitating CAR-T expansion in high quantity with good quality

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a genetic toolbox & therapeutic design platform with specific tumor targeting and modulation of TME suitable for solid tumor treatment

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